The children and young people’s support service offers a wide range of support for children/young people who are living with, fleeing domestic violence/abuse both in the refuge and in the community.

Children that are victims or survivors of domestic abuse need:

  • Someone to talk to
  • Someone who will listen
  • Someone to help
  • Someone to give advice
  • Someone to trust
  • Someone to befriend them

We can offer:

  • One to one emotional and educational support
  • Opportunities for group and family activities
  • Outreach support
  • Self esteem building
  • Group participation
  • Activities and outings during school holidays
  • Support on how to reduce risks and stay safe.



HWA Children’s Services offer outreach support for children from birth upwards.  We offer someone to talk to on a one to one basis about their experiences of living with or witnessing domestic abuse and also to understand their feelings, build confidence, self esteem and help children to recognise that they are not alone and that the abuse they have experienced is not their fault.  


The children’s workers in the Refuge provide regular play sessions in the Refuge and outings in the holidays and after school.  Most importantly, they offer children and young people the opportunity for someone to listen to them giving them the opportunity to talk about their feelings.


The Refuge nursery provides a high quality play environment for children under 5 years on a daily basis.  The nursery nurse provides fun activities and appropriate activities to support children to deal with the trauma of their experiences in a safe and secure environment.

In addition the service provides a valuable crèche service for HWA service users when they have to attend essential meetings and appointments such as health care needs, solicitors or court.  The nursery nurse also provides essential support for mothers and their children including delivering a nurturing programme. 

Preventative work

The children’s workers also provide preventative work which includes: 

  • Effects of domestic abuse on children and young people training
  • Domestic abuse awareness training
  • Talks and presentations
  • Delivery of violence free programme in schools.

Contact us on:  01482 474133

Or if you prefer, you could get someone else to call – a friend, someone in your family, or someone from your school.

Useful websites:

If you are an adult wanting support for a young person affected by domestic abuse:

  • Please talk to the young person about the service before contacting us, and check that they want a service from us.
  • Make sure they think that domestic abuse is an issue for them.
  • Call us on 01482 474133 and give us details about the young person who wants to see us.


"I just wanted to touch base with you, primarily to say thank you and secondly to update you on the ********** situation.

 ********** has really turned a corner, she is an absolute pleasure to be around, is freely talking about her feelings and is showing compassion for the feelings of others in the family. It’s amazing, I feel like I have my girl back! So I wanted to say a huge thank you...I think you will notice a distinct change..."  from a mother

 "I used to twag school a lot, I couldn't concentrate on anything because I was getting angry all the time, I started punching my bedroom door.  I didn't want to be with other kids who had a normal family who didn't fight and argue . I felt really sad, responsible to try and sort it out, I felt it was my fault.  I started to get support from Hull Women's Aid, they listened to me and helped me understand my feelings and to realise the abuse was not my fault.

I don't twag School anymore and I can now concentrate on my work.  I realised I am not the only young person living with domestic abuse there are lots of other children out there experiencing it.

My message to others would be, get some help, talk to someone about it, get yourself a punch bag, don't hurt yourself, It's not your fault and you are not alone. Help is out there."  Boy aged 13

 "to all staff...thanks for everything I know it was only a short have all been very nice people to us since we have been here we have had a wonderful time I know we haven't met you properly but you are all nice people..."  from three children that stayed at the Refuge