Internet safety - cover your tracks


If you are using this site and you are worried that someone may find out please follow the links below to find out how to cover your tracks. 

Women's Aid - Cover Your Tracks Online

The Hideout - Cover Your Tracks 

If you think that someone may come into the room and check what you are looking at on the computer, smart phone or tablet have another window open so that you can close this one quickly or click on the button below and it will take you to Google.  Be aware of how quickly your browser will close or load other windows. 

Consider using a secret email address that you can access from anywhere (such as MSN Outlook/Hotmail) rather than using Outlook or Outlook Express.  Make sure that you cannot be easily identified by the email address you choose.  If you use social networking sites make sure that you and your friends do not disclose information that could put you or your family at risk.  This is especially important if you are considering fleeing domestic abuse.

Remember that it is not possible to hide all activity on an internet connected device whether it is a computer, smart phone or tablet.  If in doubt use a computer in a safe location such as a library or at a trusted friend’s home.  The links above will take you to other websites that give good advice about covering your tracks online.

Social Media is not private and details could be shared willingly or accidentally by friends.  Please be aware that you could be traced through social media sites or through smart phone technology.