Hull Women's Aid provides safe refuge accommodation that is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

A refuge is a safe house for women and children escaping domestic abuse. Women can live free from abuse and have time and space to recover from their experiences and start to take control of their lives.  In addition women receive help and support to move on to live confidently and free from abuse in their own homes.

Every woman in the refuge is escaping abuse, therefore they can share their experiences and offer each other support in an environment where they feel safe and free from abuse.  Peer support can sometimes be the most beneficial support a woman can receive.

The HWA refuge accommodation has a variety of rooms/flats suitable for single women and women with children.  CCTV and other security systems are in place.  For those that cannot be accommodated in the main refuge there is a separate property available.

What support is available?

The refuge is staffed by experienced and trained staff that provides individual support for women and children whilst they are living in the refuge, residents are assigned a support worker when they arrive at the refuge, the support worker will work in partnership with them to develop a safety plan and a support plan to enable women and children to get their life back on track.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The support workers can help with:

  • Legal issues
  • Benefits,budgeting or other financial matters
  • Housing and resettlement
  • Children's issues
  • Advocating on your behalf
  • Health problems 
  • Accessing other services
  • Emotional support
  • Accessing language support


What support is available for children?

Children arriving at the refuge will have been affected in a variety of ways by the domestic abuse they have been involved in.  Each child’s experience of domestic abuse varies, some may have witnessed the abuse, some may have intervened and some may have been coerced into perpetrating the abuse. They will feel confused about the sudden changes, they will be aware that their mum is upset but they will not understand why, they will be fearful and insecure of what to expect from life in a refuge. We have qualified children’s support workers who work individually with children to support them to settle into the refuge and to help them overcome their experiences. In addition they will work in partnership with mums and the refuge workers, to provide individual family support.

A message on a card sent to all the staff at HWA from a woman that lived in the Refuge:

"The Refuge is a Godsend and everyone who works there deserves a medal and there is never a moment where you're not listened to.  The staff are so caring and supportive.  I thank them with all my heart.  I have found peace at last.  You can contact them anytime.  Where would we be without such places as these.  They help you with support 24/7.  Without judgement and with dignity and give you back your strength, and help you maintain a new life.  Nothing is a trouble to anyone.  They work very hard, the team work is fantastic.  It's like one big family...Domestic abuse is so scary and without women's aid where would we be."

These are the words of some of the children supported by HWA Children’s Workers: 

“I felt scared coming into the Refuge at first, but when I met most of the other children and played, I was happy then, I liked everything in the Refuge.”

“I feel happy because I have been helped with my problems and learnt how to be confident."