Hull Women’s Aid delivers training to:

  • Children in schools
  • Young people in schools and colleges
  • Students training for careers that will bring them into contact with victims and survivors of domestic abuse
  • Professionals working in an environment that brings them into contact with victims and survivors of domestic abuse

Training packages can be tailored to the needs of the participants and can be short talks or structured training delivered over several sessions.


Comments from the young people who we have delivered violence free training to:


“I have learnt about real life stories and how tragic they are. It was a very sensitive subject, I have learnt that financial is part of abuse which I didn’t know before, I feel for anyone who has been affected by domestic abuse”

“I feel very strongly about this subject and how it’s not fair for the women and children to go through domestic abuse and I know now that there is no need for violence if the relationship is loving and equal”

“ Domestic abuse effects lives a lot and they shouldn’t have to go through a life where they are frightened and scared, when they get out of the situation they need to regain their lives , their confidence, their self esteem and everything else, Hull Women’s Aid taught us about their different services that can help them do this, the course also helped me to understand about what makes a healthy relationship and this is always something I will remember”


Teacher’s comments


"Thank you so much for a great six week programme, the kids have enjoyed it and found it interesting as have I.

I sincerely hope that more schools take up this programme and Hull Women’s Aid goes from strength to strength, they say there is always ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and I would imagine to many women and children who feel they are in the darkest of places, Hull Women’s Aid is that light."

Contact HWA on 01482 474133 for more information about our training services.

HWA will also provide awareness raising presentations for groups and organisations by arrangement.