Young People

HWA supports young people up to the age of 25.  We offer one to one and group support sessions.

We recognise that young people that are victims and survivors of domestic abuse have different needs to children and adults so HWA’s young people’s services are appropriate to their age group and circumstances but we know that they still need:

  • Someone to talk to
  • Someone who will listen
  • Someone to help
  • Someone to give advice
  • Someone to trust
  • Someone to befriend them

We can offer;

  • One to one emotional and educational support/help finding work
  • Opportunities for group and family activities
  • Outreach support
  • Self esteem building
  • Group participation
  • Support on how to reduce risks and stay safe.

Contact us on.01482 474133

Or if you prefer, you could get someone else to call – a friend, someone in your family, or someone from your school/college.

Useful websites:

If you are an adult wanting support for a young person affected by domestic abuse:

  • Please talk to the young person about the service before  contacting us, and check that they want a service from us.
  • Make sure they think that domestic abuse is an issue for them.
  • Call us on 01482 474133 and give us details about the young person who wants to see us.


"Since I have been supported by Hull Women's Aid, I feel as if I have achieved loads. My confidence has grown. At the beginning I couldn't even go to the shops alone. I would time myself to walk down the street. Because of the support I received I am in college now, I go out on my own and have met new friends. I feel good about myself and I know now... I AM IMPORTANT."  Girl aged 16